Dec 01, 2022


The first of anything seems like the hardest of all. Is the topic right? After all, this sets the tone for the project, right? Whether it's the first blog post, podcast, social media reel, Facebook live, or event. We stress ourselves out so that all of our energy is used up before any outward action even takes place.... or maybe that is just me? 

Growing up I always wanted to keep a journal. In this journal I would document my thoughts and ideas and write letters to myself and others. However, this never happened. You see, I was afraid. I was afraid of what others would think if they knew what was going on in my head. I was afraid of hurting the feelings of the people that I loved most in this world if they somehow were able to read the words I wrote. I was afraid of judgment from God because a "good christian girl" would never think those things and if I put it on paper it somehow made it more real. What I was really doing was judging myself and creating my own cage. I'm feeling led to write so that is the purpose of this blog. I am unapologetically sending my words out into the world and in doing so, breaking down the cage, created out of love by the fear that is inside my heart.

A close friend gave me the name Mercury as a child and I'm bringing that name back. To me Mercury has 2 beautiful meanings. It represents communication as the planet Mercury in the zodiac and it represents temperature as mercury thermometers were once widely used in our homes. Mercury Rising is very powerful to me. It calls me to rise out of the cage of judgment and communicate my truth. It calls me to raise the temperature and burn away all of the shame, judgment, guilt and fear. To cauterize the wounds so that they can finally heal once and for all. Mercury is rising day by day, moment by moment.

I want you to know that you are not alone. I am here in the darkness, shining my light for you. Look up and let's rise together! 

The Light in me sees the light in you,

Marie Douglass, Mercury, Light Bearer

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